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Lighting Your Home’s Exterior with the Best Light Ideas

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

4 Brilliant Event Light Ideas for Fall

Fall is the most celebrated season of the year. If you're planning an event this fall, keep in mind that the type of lighting you choose can make or break the event experience. Too much lighting may make your event feel stark and cold. On the other hand, insufficient lighting could make the guests miss crucial design elements of the event.

Well-thought-out and strategically placed lights can grab your guests' attention and create a great ambiance for the event. Planning for an event this fall? Experts from Premier Oaks Lighting have outlined the best lighting ideas to make your outdoor event a success. Follow through!

Combined LED washes and Gobos

Combining LED lights and gobos is a perfect way to add an element of design to your event. Furthermore, gobos can illuminate any design or pattern, such as pictures, abstract shapes, and logos.

Regardless of the size of your space, combined LED washes and gobos can be used to create a dynamic atmosphere and feel for your event. They can also set the tone, entertain guests, make a statement, and direct attention to any outdoor detail you would like to emphasize.

Pin Lighting

Pin lighting is another brilliant event lighting idea that offers an exclusive design. Whether you're planning for a wedding, a birthday party, garden party, or a commercial event, pin lighting allows you to draw attention to specific areas of your event.

What's more, spotlighting creates a more dramatic effect that can transform décor elements and centerpieces into eye-catching pieces of art. Ultimately, pin lights provide the separation needed between centerpieces and dark table linens, presenting a dynamic visual experience.


Uplighting can work perfectly in weddings, cocktail functions, and dinner parties. This type of lighting involves placing individual lights at the base of points of interest or architectural details to draw attention to the event design. They brighten the space perimeter to prevent it from looking bland.

This is particularly important for essential venues like galleries, conference centers, and empty ballrooms, which require an element of character and appeal. Uplighting is a perfect way to tie in colors that match the theme of your event and create a unique statement.

Luminous Garlands

Garlands can give your event incredible illumination as well as a rustic feel. The beauty of luminous garlands is that they come in various types and are made of different materials. For this reason, you need to be careful when selecting your lights because different styles can create different effects at your event. You should find sets that blend with your décor and complement the type of event to intend to organize.

Need Help with Outdoor Lighting for Your Event? Get in Touch

The light ideas listed above are some of the best to give your event a unique look and feel this fall. At Premier Oaks Lighting, we will help illuminate your outdoor space to take your event’s experience a notch higher. Please contact us online or call us at 817-984-4252 to get a free estimate.

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